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Project Metrics +

The table below briefly describes each feature and how it is accessed from the PM+ Ribbon Tab in Microsoft Project. In addition, there is a link to additional details on each feature.

Be sure to check the known issues at PM Plus Known Issues.

Project Metrics Plus Ribbon Bar



Feature Description


Validate your project network for compliance with best practices and DoD checks. In addition, numerous metrics are calculated to support effective monitoring and control. See PMP Validate Project for details on specific validation checks and additional details.

Look Back/Ahead

Generates a Look Back/Ahead report from the active plan. The report is created in Microsoft Word and includes all activities completed in the past ten days, all overdue activities, and all activities scheduled to complete in the next week. See PMP Look Back/Ahead for details and a sample.


Generate a burndown chart of project activities that includes baseline, planned, and actual deliverable or activities per week or month. This chart provides immediate insight into project schedule progress. See PMP Burndown for details and a sample.

Deliverable Review

A 360 degree view of a project deliverable for one or more project deliverables. For each deliverable all predecessors, successors, and activities are listed. See PMP Deliverable Review for details and a sample.

Export Allocation

Export resource allocation per quarter, month, or week in hours or dollars to Microsoft Excel. This can be used for a time phased budget or to review the resources across the life of the project. See PMP Export Allocation for more details.

Replace Resource

Replace one resource with another resource on one or more activities. This can be used at any level of the WBS permitting the replacement of resources on activities on entire branches with one command. See PMP Replace Resources for more details.


Set project Validation and other addin options. See PMP Options for details on options and settings.


You may purchase Project Metrics Plus online for $12.99 and begin using it immediately. When you complete your purchase, you will be granted a personal license key which you will need to enter during the installation.

To get started visit the Project Metrics Plus information page.


During this initial and limited product release, you will need to request a license key by emailing

The installation of the Project Metrics Plus Addin is quick and simple requiring less than five minutes to complete. To install the Project Metrics Plus Microsoft Project Addin:

  1. Download the Project Metrics Plus Microsoft Project Addin installation kit PMPlus_Installation.msi (Right click and select "Save As").
  2. Run the installation by double clicking on PMPlusProjectAddin.msi or selecting PMPlusProjectAddin.msi, right clicking and selecting Open from the popup menu
    1. The installation requires Administrative access to complete the installation, select Yes when prompted to grant administrative access
  3. Read the license agreement and press Accept to continue the installation or Cancel to terminate the installation
  4. Enter your license key when prompted and press Proceed
  5. The installation will proceed, press Finish to close the installation program


To uninstall the Project Metrics PlusMicrosoft Project Addin:

  1. Click the Start Menu and select Control Panel
  2. In the Control Panel, select Programs and Features
  3. Select Project Metrics PlusProject Addin from the list
  4. Right click Project Metrics PlusProject Addin and select Uninstall/Change from the popup menu
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the uninstall